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Fun and Games !!!

The Most Fun
Is at our Train Station!

We have fun Online too!


These games are played online.
They will open in a new page.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Our jigsaw uses photographs from our great collection. We will be changing the photo so don't forget to bookmark this page. Each picture brings it's own challenge.

Fun at the Train Station
Interpreter Charlotte Courage and Friends

Our version of Hangman is the traditional guessing game. However the words have all come from our museum. So the best hint is think boats and trains!

This is the old fasioned slider puzzle. Just click on a piece to move it into the empty space. Keep moving the pieces to put the picture back together.

Memory Squares is a fun way to test your memory. With each click of the mouse, you are shown pictures for a few seconds. Match the pictures to win the game.

These puzzles are designed to be printed and played off line.

The puzzles below
open in a regular web page.
PDF These are smaller files, better quality and a little quicker to download. However some folks have troubles opening a .pdf
Decode a Telegram

Crossword answer sheet

Railway Coastal Crossword

Crossword answer sheet

Railway Coastal Crosswords
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